Limited Apexi Rev Speed Meter Wiring Diagram Product Manuals - APEXI Knowledge Base

Limited Apexi Rev Speed Meter Wiring Diagram Product Manuals - APEXI Knowledge Base
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–?ecu association diagram ●perform installation via regarding the symbols within the corresponding columns of the tables of applicable models on and after web page 13 p l d b f e c a n m g o i h j 6 okay a : decrease a part of the passenger seat dash aspect b : proper aspect of the glove container c : foot position of the passenger seat d : internal a part of the glove container e : inner part of the center console f : beneath the driver’s seat g : under the passenger seat h : close to the steerage column i : left side of the meter panel j : lower a part of the motive force’s seat sprint facet ok : left facet of the middle console l : engine room m : earlier than the rear trunk n : behind after the motive force’s seat o : behind the passenger seat p : higher inner part of the middle console .

—?this wiring diagram e-book is designed for use with the rev pace meter 405-a912. Please be sure to examine the instruction manual for the rev pace meter earlier than performing installation. ??the rev speed meter calls for both the guidance manual and the wiring diagram for proper ●even though a car is listed on this manual, there is a possibility that the unit will not operate nicely because of adjustments at the vehicle, unique model differences, model changes, or different elements. This manual is accurate up till jan. 2005. Please touch an apex supplier for more recent programs.

—?be sure that all connectors have been securely locked into location. Also, make certain to loosen any bolts that comfy the connector when getting rid of. Failure to accomplish that may also motive harm to the connector.

–?set up precautions ●do no longer use electro faucets within the installation of this product. Electro taps can grow to be loose over time inflicting the unit to malfunction. This may additionally cause automobile and product harm. Make certain to use cord crimpers and the included splices for a comfortable connection. ??ensure that the harness isn't always uncovered to metallic. Always wrap all connections with electric tape. ??a way to use the fittings strip 5mm from twine insert sleeve over wire bend returned uncovered twine.

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