Excellent Honeywell Q674L Wiring Diagram Honeywell Q674L User Manual | Page 6 / 12

Excellent Honeywell Q674L Wiring Diagram Honeywell Q674L User Manual | Page 6 / 12
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Excellent honeywell q674l wiring diagram - Modelreplacementdescription45, 208 trol-a-temp with the aid of honeywell brand; h1 and h2 anticipatorsset at zero.10a; used with q674b1463, d1115.44marv air com stat emblem; component no. 50059; adjustableinterstage among h1 and h2 and among c1 and c2;includes allen wrench and screws to lock cover; fieldadjustable range stops; °f/°c scaleplate.

T874 multistage thermostats and q674 subbasesdefrost controlin some regions, in the course of 1/2 or more of the heating season,the out of doors coil operates beneath 32°f (zero°c) frost or ice buildsup on the out of doors coil of a warmness pump similarly to the frostbuildup in a family fridge. Sooner or later, thisaccumulation of ice interferes with efficient warmness transfer fromthe out of doors air to the coil and refrigerant.

T874 multistage thermostats and q674 subbasestable five. Terminal designationsastandard terminaldesignationalternate designations orcustomer specialstypical connectiontexternal temperature readout, t relayr1, r2lo and hi pace fan relaysrsabcooling contactormycompressor contactorother terminal designations can be used that are not indexed in this desk. Talk to the hookup drawing and inner schematicfor exact connections.

T874 multistage thermostats and q674 subbasesoperationheat anticipators add warmness all through the decision for warmth. Coolinganticipators are activated even as the air conditioner is off. Seefig. 28. This heater makes the thermostat suppose it's miles warmer thanit definitely is, and brings it on sooner than the bimetal on my own would.

T874 multistage thermostats and q674 subbaseslow temperature lockoutssome producers of warmth pumps have formerly controlledtheir devices so the compressor changed into locked out underneath a specifiedoutdoor temperature. This became performed because of the stressplaced at the compressor by using the very cold temperatures, andthe fact that efficiency drops off at low temperatures.

T874 multistage thermostatsand q674 subbasesproduct datafeatures• t874 thermostat has silent, dust-unfastened mercuryswitches operated with the aid of coiled bimetal elements.?? warmness anticipator(s) are adjustable or fixed coolinganticipator(s) are constant.?? man or woman warmth and cool levers and scales (mostmodels) for temperature putting located on top ofthermostat case.?? cowl thermometer on most t874 multistagethermostat models.?? locking cover and locking lever screws available fort874 multistage thermostats.

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